NICE TO MEET YOU - Dawson, Decocker, Fletcher, Johnson, Lowe, Marce, Ochoa, Peirce, Reiss, Ritson, Robinson, Rolph, Saegusa, Stefanelli

Oct 15 - Nov 12, 2005

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Nice To Meet You
L to R: D. Rolph, R. Reiss, R. Ochoa, L. Stefanelli, I. Dawson, B. Ritson

Press Release

The Mark Moore Gallery is proud to present Nice To Meet You, an exhibition of artists new to the gallery. This is the inaugural exhibition in a series of shows that will annually highlight exciting new artists from around the world who are on the pulse of contemporary culture. These artists cover a range of differing theoretical and aesthetic positions and extend from recent graduates to artists enjoying a privileged position of influence amongst a younger generation of artists. The exhibition’s aim is to reflect the current diversity of cutting edge practices within the mainstays of contemporary creativity, primarily painting and sculpture, and to allow a new audience to develop for these talented artists.